Tim Ball’s Libel Case and Legal Defence Fund

by Dr. Tim Ball on April 11, 2011

in Legal

Two consecutive lawsuits filed against me have precluded my working on articles for the website. I have taken the following actions.

  1. Hired a lawyer.
  2. Prepared a defence.
  3. Set up a legal defence fund.

If you would like to help, you can make donations by clicking here. The money will go, via Paypal, directly to an account held in La vasta gamma dei giochi live include anche l’intramontabile blackjack gratis , presente nella versione da 5 € e da 10 € a puntata, e quella Vip in cui la puntata minima è di 25 €. trust by my lawyer at Pearlman Lindholm in Victoria BC. Cheques can be made payable to “Pearlman Lindholm” and sent attention:

Tim Ball Legal Fund
201 – 19 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8V 5A6

Thank you for your support.